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Join our regular meetings!

We have regular Zoom meetings on Thursdays at 7pm. All welcome!

Contact us if you’d like to attend XR.Muslims@gmail.com

The next meeting is on 3 September 2020 – You can also REGISTER HERE to receive a Zoom link.

Rebellion news – September 2020!

We are looking for volunteers for our creative action: The Kaaba of Truth!

We are called upon to uphold the safeguarding (khilafa) of Earth from the destructive forces unleased upon it. This means raising awareness of environmental destruction, and promoting concrete actions to protect all fellow creatures (the makhlooque ). XR Muslims is calling upon volunteers from all backgrounds, from all faiths and none, to attend the September Rebellion which begins for two weeks beginning on 1st of September. The Kaaba of Truth action is specific, family-friendly action planned for the 5th September for which we need volunteers. It does not involve any previous experience or expertise whatsoever. It is based on the concept of the Cube of Truth, where screens held by silent people acting as witnesses show the devastation which goes on. Witnesses may be robed and blindfolded as this is a performance piece. They will stand in a square, outward facing formation, and work in rotation as they hold their screens. Interested people may circle them, asking questions regarding the content of the screens. Members of XR Muslims will then engage the passers by with gentle questions. This will raise awareness, provoke discussion and ultimately to advocate for policies and actions to protect and safeguard the Earth. Join us for thought-provoking performance piece!If you are interested, and would like any further information, please respond ASAP to xr.muslims@gmail.com

Change of name and new logo 🙂

Today we received our flags ready to march in central London to protect our planet ☪️

The flags showcase the new name that we chose for XR Muslims:

Muslim Ecological Consciousness and Climate Action

We think this name really summarises our mission, to raise ecological awareness and demand change.

The Acronym is MECCA 🍀

Mecca is the place where Muslims gather attention and focus for prayer. The entire Earth is our place of prayer and we need to gather our attentions towards our planet too.

“Protect Our Planet, Place of Prayer” is our slogan, which is inspired by a Hadith of Mohammed pbuh)

*Please join us in bringing our faith to the movement for saying no more harm.*

Episode about Extinction Rebellion on the Pondering Soul podcast

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Yusuf’s channel discusses and educates on topics of Religion, Philosophy & Politics from the perspective of a Muslim British revert. His YouTube channel is called “Pondering Soul”. Yusuf invited us to speak about Extinction Rebellion, it’s tactics, structure, aims and whether Muslims should feel comfortable being involved with XR.

You can listen to this episode here

Sudanese young woman raises awareness about climate change through Islam



Global warming: an event at East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre

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A diverse audience attended these event. Many engaged during the Q&A. The imam’s speech was a shortened version of his Friday khutba (sermon) on Islam & the environment, which can be found on the masjid’s YouTube channel here

Jusna Begum shared stories from her trip to Bangladesh, highlighting the country’s unique vulnerability to the climate crisis, and quotes from children affected “Please help us save our world”.


Speeches before Trafalgar Square People’s Assembly

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George Monbiot thanked the police for making XRs job easier by extending s14 powers – to make the job of the police easier he had a sign in his hand saying “I am standing here with XR in breach of s14”

Speakers give their speeches before the people’s assembly starts

Matthew, a scientist, spoke of his love for truth and the beauty of life. Over 1000 scientists from around the world have signed a declaration saying this civil disobedience is proportionate to the emergency we face.

CEO of Friends of the Earth thanked XR for bringing the message out on #ClimateJustice, and spoke against the excessive use of police force to try and shut down free speech and peaceful protest. He said “When the State tries to shut down free speech we know they’ve lost the argument.”

Around 2500 participating in a people’s assembly to decide what to do about the climate emergency after the police’s de facto ban of Extinction Rebellion on the streets of London

CEO of War On Want said that the rights we enjoy now weren’t given to us – we had to fight for them. From the levellers it was ordinary people who won them. As a young black man, he said, he had to fight for our rights in the UK against institutional racism.

Marc Lopatin who works with Jem Bendell, the author of “Deep Adaptation”, spoke about the need for stories and how XR is creating a new strong story in the face of climate collapse. The new story is about our vulnerability to extreme weather, the fragility of our food systems.

Rabbi Jeffrey Newman’s Statement

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Reading out Rabbi Jeffrey Newman’s Statement he read out just before his arrest yesterday. Just before, Minister Helen read the “green prayer”, which is being read across churches in the UK. After Mothiur did the Muslim call to prayer. From the grassroots of our faiths we must come together in the name of reconciliation so that we can bring our collective voice to the restoration of our planet’s integrity, the restoration of our humanity.