We welcome all Muslims, Islamic organisations and Muslim communities to join us in peacefully demanding the government for immediate action on the climate emergency in any way they feel comfortable with.

Let’s engage in the most pressing issue of our time to relieve the suffering of most disadvantaged and poorest communities in the world and to prevent the future suffering of our children and our children’s children due to the disastrous consequences of human corruption and greed through excessive exploitation of Allah’s beautiful resources.

Allah tells us that we will be tested with material bounties of this world. We have to act in modesty and frugality as Earth protectors and stand up against climate injustices being carried out by powerful elites without any accountability over the destruction of Allah’s creations and the consequences that this destruction has on humans.

Charity is not enough. We have to be politically engaged within and outside of our communities to call towards goodness (Ihsan) and to protect the beauty that surrounds. Allah is beautiful and loves beauty. Allah asks us to stop and reflect on the beauty of this world and its refined balance, the stars, the moon, the plants, the animals, all operate according to a beautiful balance. We will not let greed, excessiveness and corruption of power on this world allow for this beautiful balance to be distorted at the expense of billions of human beings, flora and fauna.

Let’s revive the prophetic manners of treading gently on this earth, modestly taking from the earth with gratitude and giving back with full respect for Allah who is the sustainer of the all creation.